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One Token. Many Apps.

GeoFounders, A Blockchain Software Collective

GeoFounder developers create applications compatible with blockchain platforms.

Fees are routed to smart contracts where token holders can request their portion.

Small % of funds are cycled back into collective to increase app catalogue & total value.

Recent News: Community manager joining team in December.
GeoFounders Introduction

GeoFounders is a software collective focused on the design and development of blockchain-related applications and services. Leveraging tokens called GeoUnits (GUNS), software fees are routed to token-owner accessible smart contracts and trusted oracles. A portion of the revenue is cycled back into the collective to further increase the collective's application catalogue, token value and payouts. Please watch our intro video to learn more.

Multiple Blockchains

To accomodate the largest possible audience, our focus is to achieve compatibility with as many current and future blockchain platforms as possible.

Incremental Growth

GeoFounders development focuses on the initial development of software products and incremental expansion of these products over time.

Flexible Business Model

GeoUnits (GUNS) apply to a growing collection of iterative software using smart contracts to handle fair and equitable distribution of collected fees.

Earnings Through GeoUnit Tokens (GUNS) ...

Fees Using Smart Contracts

  • Users of GeoFounders software utilize functionality and services via transactions within the software. When appropriate, a small fee is attached to a transaction. This fee is accessible amongst the GUNS token holders via a smart contract. In some cases the service being provided requires the use of a trusted oracle, in these situations the oracle is relied upon to route fees back into the distribution smart contract once the service is completed.

How Are Fees Determined?

  • Fees are determined based on the function or service they provide. Fee settings are stored within smart contracts and can be modified only via a GeoFounders manager key. To keep GeoFounders software useful, fees are generally set at, or slightly below, normal market rates for a given service.


  • Some applications within the GeoFounders collective will provide methods of selling digital goods or user-provided services. A set of commission smart contracts have been created to allot for the processing of these purchases and the automated extraction of commission payments which are then routed to the master GeoFounders distribution account.


  • A set of smart contracts has been developed to enable subscription-based services within GeoFounders software. These contracts provide a mechanism for users to join a service at a set price and either renew their membership or allow it to expire after a certain period of time. Many applications are being considered for development using this capability.

Fee Scenarios

  • Example 1: Alice and Bob hire Chris to act as the escrow account holder for a transaction of 500 ETH. Chris uses GeoBanker to setup an escrow account. GeoBanker charges a fee of 0.01 ETH per 1 ETH transacted with a max fee of 2 ETH. The transaction completes and 0.5 ETH is automatically routed to GeoFounder token (GUNS) holders.
  • Example 2: An ETC user decides to play a few games of GeoRealms for an entrance fee of 0.1 ETC per game. The ETC fee is routed to the GeoFounders ETC account where GUNS owners can keep their ETC or wait for it to be liquidated into ETH and routed to their ETH account.
  • Example 3: A journalist uses GeoJournalist to save a draft of her story. To ensure her editor always has access to a secure copy, she pays a fee of 0.05 ETH and text is then encrypted and stored on the blockchain.

In-App Virtual Goods

  • Software has become increasingly social and entertainment-driven. GeoFounders accomodates this demand by creating a series of game and community-related applications. Within these applications are virtual goods and add-ons that provide useful in-app features or fun superficial addendums to accounts.
  • Due to the expedient nature of blockchain development, more virtual good options are becoming possible. Second layer networks and standardized smart contracts allow for cheaper and faster transactions and greater interoperability among not only GeoFounders software but third-party products/networks as well.

Air Drops

  • GeoFounders is planning future "Air Drops" for our software's app-specific tokens across supported blockchain platforms as a thank you to token holders (who recieve additional tokens) and supporters of the network.

Game Items

  • Virtual items within games are now common place garnering an annual market size of over $15+ billion dollars. Blockchain presents special features that make it uniquely qualified to sell these virtual goods. Selling virtual items with built-in methods of proving ownership and limited supply can prevent copying or false claims, making them more valuable in a blockchain-based game than traditional software.

Gifts & Customizations

  • Social applications such as communication software or group software can often have novelty features or items that can be purchased as methods of entertaining or conveying new ideas to other users. This can include items such as; emojis, icon-based gifts, expanded profiles or more. GeoFounders software will enable such features, when appropriate, to help generate additional revenue.

Virtual Goods Scenarios

  • Example 1: Alice decides to play GeoRealms. To increase her odds of success, she visits the GeoRealms pre-game store. Here she is presented with a variety of item from which she purchases additional virtual food and armies. The additional food will keep her army in top condition longer, while the increase in soldiers will provide better odds for battle.
  • Example 2: Bob decides to chat with Chris securely using the GeoListen chat application. For fun, Bob visits the GeoListen store and purchases some emoji iconography that can be used during chat. Bob uses a few funny emojis, motivating Chris to purchase the same emoji package himself so he can use them in other conversations.
  • Example 3: A new GeoFounders game allows players to purchase virtual real estate within the game. Alice, a fan of the game, decides to purchase a large lot in a prime location. Thanks to this new location Alice has many players stopping by to view Alice's new spot.

Asset Collection

  • GeoFounders software is targeting multiple blockchain platforms. Future software will collect unique assets (tokens) that each platform leverages to perform transactions. When collecting assets, the GeoFounders software provides a grace period from which GUNS owners can opt to keep their portion of the revenue in the native asset in which it was collected. If a GUNS account does not have an assigned account for a particular asset, the asset is coverted into ETH via a crypto exchange API and then transferred (minus exchange fees) into the ETH distribution smart contract, allowing GUNS owner accounts to request their portion.
  • For individuals interested in keeping a diverse portfolio of token types besides ETH. Once they opt to keep native assets (via the GeoFounders members application), the GUNS token holder will be required to provide their wallet address for that particular blockchain platform.

Owner Benefits of GUNS

  • Some software created by GeoFounders will use new application-specific tokens or provide internal markets for purchasing virtual goods or other assets. As a GUNS owner, you are entitled to any bonus assets that are generated when a new piece of GeoFounders software launches. These benefits may be in the form of free tokens or virtual items and would increase in quantity or complexity based on the amount of GUNS owned.

Diverse Asset Portfolio

  • For individuals looking to participate in numerous technologies across the crypto-currency space, GeoFounders may be a viable alternative as the software catalogue builds up. Unlike blockchain-specific endeavors, GeoFounders software will expand across numerous blockchain platforms over time and collect fees in many different "coins".

Asset Scenarios

  • Example 1: Alice pays the entrance fee for GeoRealms using the ETC blockchain. The funds are deposited into a GeoFounders ETC smart contract which gathers GUNS distribution data from a remote URL. The GUNS owners that have ETC accounts will have their portion of the ETC routed to their account. The remaining ETC is converted into ETH via a crypto exchange and then routed to a ETH account that distributes the appropriate portion of the ETH to the remaining GUNS owners.
  • Example 2: GeoFounders creates a new game that has it's own tokens, lets call them GEX coins. Before the game launches to the public, GeoFounder developers generate 25,000,000 GEX coins for each supported blockchain platform and distribute them to GUNS owners. Each GeoFounder participant receives 1 GEX for every 1 GUNS they posess.

Partnership Perks

  • As the GeoFounders software catalogue grows and we are able to attract software users, GeoFounders will begin pursuing collective opportunities for our token holders. These opportunities include things such as token and perk benefits from organizations looking to parter or market to users of our software.


  • GeoFounders will negotiate on behalf of our token holders to receive discounts and special opportunities for industry events and industry related products. In some instances, token holders may recieve group offers with a required minimum number of participats.

Early Access

  • GeoFounders will provide token-holders with early access to some software products and games before the general public. Using token verification GeoFounders members can provide valuable feedback and in some occasions get a head start with software such as permanence-driven games.
  • In addition to GeoFounders software access, we will work on behalf of the token holders to receive early access to third-party software packages as well. This can include games, ICOs and other industry-related offerings.

Work Opportunities

  • Although mostly automated, many software products will require some level of manual verification or interaction. Once the initial software lineup is released, GeoFounders will need part-time participants to help with curration, validation and other tasks. Who better to assist the team than those who have already demonstrated their enthusiasm in the project?


  • Some software releases will include lottery drawings to help market and reward participants of the software. In some instances, token holders will be given free lottery entries as a thank you for their continued participation.

GeoFounders Software In Active Development ...


  • The GeoFounders Member's Admin is a tool exclusively for GeoFounders token holders. This tool enables members to better manage their GeoFounders tokens, keep up-to-date on development efforts and participate in future community voting and discussions.

Community Updates

  • Weekly development updates will be posted to the Member's Admin to inform token holders and allow them to participate in occasional product testing or early access entry.
  • Community identities will remain anonymous but certain features will require token verification to prevent outside spam or malicious third parties.

Product Features

  • Earnings Retrieval: GUNS token holders can verify their token ownership and collect their portion of software earnings without needing to manually execute smart contract functions from the GeoFounders distribution contract.
  • Community: Interact with other GUNS token holders and discuss thoughts regarding upcoming GeoFounders products.
  • GeoFounders News: View brief posts regarding upcoming GeoFounders events and products.
  • Product Updates: Get the latest updates regarding GeoFounders development progress.

Dev Status & Information

  • Development:
    Active Development
  • Release ETA:
    Q4 2017
  • Custom Tokens:
  • Use of GUNS:
    Member Verification
    Community Participation
    Earnings Requests
  • Third-Party Involvement:
  • Additional Info:
    Member's Admin for GUNS holders only. Additional features to be added over time.


  • ICOpro is a desktop application which provides wallet and ICO management tools. Using custom-written APIs which interface with our remote nodes, ICOpro is capable of working with multiple blockchain platforms simultaneously. This gives crypto-currency enthusiasts and investors the ability to easily manage their accounts within one interface. Additional features of ICOpro will allow users to leverage certain functionality within "smart contract" blockchains, features such as; escrow services, collateral tools, account alerts and more.


  • ICOPro provides a simple API to enable upcoming ICOs to quickly and easily add and manage their ICO information.

Product Features

  • ICO Browsing: View the latest Initial Coin Offering (ICO) information and for some ICO partners, access the ability to buy into the ICO directly.
  • Wallet: ICOPro provides a full-featured ETH light wallet. Send, recieve and view ETH information within our wallet toolset.
  • Address Book: Quickly access ETH addresses using our built-in ETH address book.
  • News: Get access to aggregated cryptocurrency news.
  • Misc. Tools: ICOPro provides various tools to interact with certain types of smart contracts. At launch, a token verification tool is provided to make it easy to view the amount of tokens a particular ETH account may posess of a certain Token Contract.

Dev Status & Information

  • Development:
    Pre-Release Internal Testing
  • Release ETA:
    Q4 2017
  • Custom Tokens:
  • Use of GUNS:
    Profit from App -> GUNS Distribution
  • Third-Party Involvement:
    ICO Owners
  • Additional Info:
    ICOPro was formerly known as GeoBanker.


  • GeoRealms is a blockchain-based fantasy themed adventure game. GeoRealms was built to work on GeoFounders compatible blockchain platforms and leverage the power of smart contracts to create an automated game engine, entirely driven through the blockchain. Search for hidden treasures in the world of Charmare as you encounter strange creatures and discover interesting travelers on your journey. GeoRealms is currently under development for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Up to 4 Players

  • The initial launch of GeoRealms will provide multiplayer up to four players on a first-come first-serve basis. The game is turn-based and requires each player to move within a pre-defined set of blocks before their turn is forfeit. The first player to defeat the dark castle is the victor.

Product Features

  • Turn-Based Combat: GeoRealms provide up to four players a turn based "board game" style experience.
  • Hidden Treasure: Each tile your character moves to may trigger an in-game event resulting in enemies, in-game items or encounters.
  • Semi-Permanence: Some items within the game can be passed on to other games. Thanks to blockchain, a secure and automated item index is being developed for GeoRealms to incent players to explore and battle.
  • Expanding Rules & Maps: GeoRealms is structured to accomodate future game expansion and gameplay.

Dev Status & Information

  • Development:
    Pre-Release Internal Testing
  • Release ETA:
    Q4 2017
  • Custom Tokens:
    * Snapshot : Q4 2017, based on GUNS owned
  • Use of GUNS:
    Profit from App -> GUNS Distribution
    GEMS bonus for GUNS token holders
  • Third-Party Involvement:
  • Additional Info:
    GeoRealms provides additional hidden features allowing interesting functionality such as naming a location or having a special ability.


  • GeoJournalist provides blockchain-secured word processing, file upload, encryption and authentication tools which use decentralization to ensure data integrity, immutability and accessibility. In an era of growing insecurity and misinformation, GeoJournalist provides a method for people to write and feel safe knowing that their words are not capable of being modified or manipulated by any individual or ogranizational actor once committed into the network.

Data Integrity

  • GeoJournalist keeps a growing account of changes allowing authors to not only track their work but also ensuring the public that no outside force can change the work without public knowledge.

Product Features

  • Global Access: Authors and the public can access their work anywhere there is Internet access.
  • Immutability: Once a body of work is committed to the network, that work cannot be changed, only appended to (updated via another record).
  • Censorship Resistant: The network is secured by the blockchain and is resistant to outside malicious attempts to change the data.
  • Optional Privacy: Writing can be encrypted via second layer public & private keypairs, enabling only the author and trusted parties can access and read the content.

Dev Status & Information

  • Development:
    Active Development
  • Release ETA:
    Q4 2017
  • Custom Tokens:
  • Use of GUNS:
    Small Data Committment Fee
  • Third-Party Involvement:
    None for now
    Pursuing Partner Organizations
  • Additional Info:
    We feel GeoJournalist may be the beginning of many future applications helping protect freedom of speech and freedom of press in an ever-changing landscape of misinformation.


  • GeoWrap abstracts away specific blockchain platform APIs and allows GeoFounders software to run in a platform-agnostic manner. The goal of GeoWrap is to provide a behind-the-scenes technology that enables individuals to use more than one blockchain technology in a user-friendly and efficient manner.

One App. Many Users.

  • The cryptocurrency market is fragmented into many platforms but often the use cases and objectives are similar or sometimes even identical. GeoWrap is an attempt to bridge these communities together through user access and interchangable software.

Product Features

  • Multi-Blockchain: GeoWrap supports multiple blockchain clients using different blockchain technologies. These clients can be "switched" on/off via the GeoWrap interface.
  • Industry News: GeoWrap provides a simple aggregated industry news feed.
  • Software Store: Download GeoFounders and approved third-party software through the GeoWrap mini-store.
  • Software Launcher: Once applications are downloaded they can then be launched directly via the GeoWrap application.

Dev Status & Information

  • Development:
    Active Development
  • Release ETA:
    Q1 2018
  • Custom Tokens:
  • Use of GUNS:
  • Third-Party Involvement:
    News Feeds Provided by Web APIs
  • Additional Info:
    GeoWrap is a very important fundamental technology for GeoFounders that will provide distinct advantages to GeoFounders software over time.

Multiple Stages

  • Blockchain software development is difficult and working on multiple projects can be an even greater challenge. GeoFounders uses a multi-step process to help coordinate most of the development effort and categorize progress over time. We classify most of the work within seven stages of development, each stage representing a fundamental shift in perspective and management of the product.

Stages of Development

  • Planning
    Active Development
    Pre-Release Internal Testing
    Public Testing
    Pilot Release
    Release v. x (x being version)

Early or Pre-Dev Apps

  • PubLub: PubLub is a blockchain-based publishing platform and storefront. PubLub empowers writers across the world to self-publish their work, accept cryptocurrency payments, license their cannon for royalties to approved writers and utilize unique blockchain-specific features such as per-page charging and many others.
  • Opify: Opify aims to change the way business communication is done. Opify provides software that feels similar to Outlook yet uses an entire blockchain-based back-end, security model and connection / data-transfer protocol.
  • Willmorrow: Willmorrow is an exciting trading card game (TCG) built upon the immutability, verifiable proofs and global access of blockchain technology. The unique features of blockchain enable verifiable card and item inventory and also empower players to trade and auction their winnings for other in-game items or tokens.


  • GeoDrawer: GeoDrawer is a general-purpose file storage storage system for mainstream users. GeoDrawer is focused on individuals who wish to store important encrypted documents on the blockchain as a means to ensure their safety and longevity and enables easy access to the documents anywhere an Internet connection may be available.
  • GeoDapps: GeoDapps is a decentralized app store which expands beyond the GeoFounders application catalogue and allows curated third-party submissions. GeoDapps will cater exclusively to desktop and mobile software. For those who prefer to currate their own app listings, the ability to create additional app store tabs will be available allowing submissions that are not required to go through the GeoFounders curation process. Visually, the store looks similar to traditional app stores such as the Windows 10 Store or Mac App Store.

GeoFounders Leadership

Edward Shull

Business & Marketing

Edward Shull is a former senior analyst at Morgan Stanley and a veteran of the banking and web startup industry. For the past decade Mr. Shull has operated a boutique web consultancy called USWeb with clients ranging from Forbes and Dow Jones to ABN AMRO Bank and Nasdaq.

Mr. Shull's past experience makes him uniquely qualified in the blockchain space for he has worked in a variety of positions within financial service and Internet startup organizations. Such experience includes working in customer relations for Chase Bank, as a loan officer for a small Chicago lending firm, in a Silicon Valley startup incubator and as a senior analyst for Morgan Stanley specializing in CRM software.

Mr. Shull became interested in the blockchain space after investing in the Ethereum ICO and participating in numerous discussions regarding blockchain technology and it's potential for financial service applications. Mr. Shull studied computer science and marketing at Harvard University. During his free time, Mr. Shull enjoys writing, spending time with his son Michael and listening to the heavenly music of the 80's.

Shaun Shull

Lead Programmer

Shaun Shull is a senior programmer with over 20 years experience in the software industry. For the past decade Mr. Shull has worked as the lead developer for USWeb, a family-run web consultancy.

Mr. Shull began his programming career at the age of 14, learning Perl and writing his first commercial program for a small advertising business. After high school in the late 90's, Mr. Shull moved across the country to Silicon Valley where he gained valuable knowledge and experience working for many high-profile companies such as 3Com, Oracle, Visa and numerous web startups.

In 2003 Mr. Shull joined USWeb and lead development for important clients including CNET, Hachette Filipacchi and Booz Allen Hamilton. During Mr. Shull's research efforts he discovered Bitcoin and the fascinating technological concepts behind it. Although missing out on Bitcoin, this fascination would eventually lead to Mr. Shull's investment into the Ethereum crowd sale and the creation of his own crypto-portfolio management software. This software would become the foundation of GeoFounders.

Michael Shull

Programming & Marketing

Michael Shull is a software programmer and web developer with a strong passion for Bitcoin and related blockchain technologies. Mr. Shull is a recent graduate of Harvard University with a Master's degree in Liberal Arts with a focus on Digital Media Design. His other credentials include a Bachelor's degree in Communications from UNLV and a Certificate in Web Technologies from Harvard University.

While getting an education, Michael worked as a junior programmer, web developer and Unity/Unreal game designer at USWeb alongside his father and cousin. At USWeb he was responsible for assisting with content management software programming, video production and general web development tasks.

Mr. Shull became interested in the blockchain space during his last two years at university. For his final Capstone project, Mr. Shull programmed a cross-platform blockchain-based address book application that required no third party hosting service or technical expertise to operate. This project sparked his continued fascination with blockchain technology and it's potential to change the world.

GeoFounders Advisors and Staff

GeoFounders currently works with a strong team of developers, security experts, lawyers and network managers to help us navigate the cryptocurrency landscape and develop meaningful software products. If you wish to contact us regarding partership or employment opportunities, please click here.

Contact Information

GeoFounders Online

GeoFounders Blog


GeoFounders (LLC) was incorporated on the month of May, 2017 in Nevada, USA. The GeoFounders corporation was created to represent non-decentralized aspects of the GeoFounders group.

Email Address

[email protected]

Phone Number

+1 (855) 259-5335

Mailing Address

GeoFounders LLC
631 North Stephanie St.
Suite 507
Henderson, NV

Disclaimer & Terms of Participation

Warning: GeoFounders is a high-risk pre-sale purchase. Do not purchase GeoUnit Tokens (GUNS) without fully understanding the products being sold and the risks associated with blockchain-related software and cryptocurrency pre-sales.

Ownership of GeoUnit Tokens (GUNS) carries no rights express or implied. Purchases of GeoUnit Tokens (GUNS) are non-refundable. Purchasers should have no expectation of influence over governance of the platform.

By participating in the sale of GeoUnit Tokens (GUNS), you expressly acknowledge and represent that you have carefully reviewed the Terms and Conditions and fully understand the risks, costs, and benefits of purchasing GeoUnit Tokens (GUNS) and agree to be bound by these Terms. As set forth further below, you further represent and warrant that, to the extent permitted by law, you are authorized to purchase GeoUnit Tokens (GUNS) in your relevant jurisdiction, are of a legal age to be bound by these Terms, and will not hold GeoFounders, its parent and affiliates, the officers, directors, agents, joint ventures, employees and suppliers of GeoFounders, now or in the future and any other member of the GeoFounders Team (collectively the "GeoFounders Parties") liable for any losses or any special, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of, or in any way connected to the sale of GeoUnit Tokens (GUNS).

The GeoUnit Tokens (GUNS) purchase price is exclusive of all applicable taxes. You are responsible for determining what, if any, taxes apply to your purchase of GeoUnit Tokens (GUNS), including, for example, sales, use, value added, and similar taxes. It is also your responsibility to withhold, collect, report and remit the correct taxes to the appropriate tax authorities. We are not responsible for withholding, collecting, reporting, or remitting any sales, use, value added, or similar tax arising from your purchase of GeoUnit Tokens (GUNS).

By transferring Ether to the GeoUnit Tokens (GUNS) address, you represent and warrant that:

You have read and understand these Terms;
You have a sufficient understanding of the functionality, usage, storage, transmission mechanisms and other material characteristics of cryptographic tokens like Bitcoin and Ether, token storage mechanisms (such as token wallets), blockchain technology and blockchain-based software systems to understand these Terms and to appreciate the risks and implications of purchasing GeoUnit Tokens (GUNS);
You understand and acknowledge that title to, and risk of loss of, GeoUnit Tokens (GUNS) you purchase from Company and receive from the Smart Contract System passes from Company to you.